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Why Solar?

Our end-to-end solutions, from installation to maintenance, powered by cost effective and streamlined commissioning processes and superior asset management bring the power of solar within your reach. We have 4 basic ideology for using Solar energy.

Healthy Environment

Co2 Reduction – 800 gms of Co2 reduces from 1 unit (KWh) taken from Solar plant.
Water Saving - 100 KWp Solar Plant Saved 2 Lac Liter of water, Which is used in Coal plant to produce same amount of Energy.
Green Power – Installing 100 KWp Of Solar Plant is equivalent to 5000 Tree Plantation.

A Profitable Investment

Bill Saving – Big Savings on Electricity cost. With Net Metering Excess solar power exports to grid and benefit of same comes in Bill.
High IRR – 20% to 40% IRR on Utility Scale Investment in Solar.
Subsidy / Tax Benefits- Accelerated Depreciation for Industrial consumers and 30% Subsidy for Non Profitable Institution make it a profitable Investment.

Easy installation

Quick Construction – It takes only 2 Months to Install a 200 KWp Plant.
Smooth transition – Solar Power easily terminate with Grid and DG Power and use on a priority.
Safe Installation – Good structural designs, use of advance sealing materials make solar Installation Safe.

Service to Nation

About 70% of India's electricity generation capacity is from fossil fuels. India is largely dependent on fossil fuel imports to meet its energy demands – by 2030, India's dependence on energy imports is expected to exceed 53% of the country's total energy consumption.
Solar Energy can reduce uses of fossil fuels. Installing solar will help India to reduce imports of fossil fuels and it become a good support in growth of the country

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